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Name: Astrophel Og

Age: 19

Race: Elf x Krilaty

Gender: Agender

Country of Birth: Nidus

Current residence: Pavo, Nidus

Class: Mage

Weapon of choice: Staff / Magic

Element of Cavea-Sveltis: Lightning, Wind, and Darkness

Artes list:

Base: Air Blade (wind), Seraphic Bolt (lightning), Spread Zero (dark), Tempest, Trinity Bit (lightning)

Master: Dark Force (dark), Air Pressure (wind)

Appearance: Astrophel stand at a height of 5'3", a little small. They have long grey hair, which is braided at the end. Their eyes are a bright blue. The bags under their eyes are from only getting 5 hours of sleep most nights. They wear hiking boots, purpley-red pants, and a blue shirt with navy trim. The necklace around their neck is where her Cavea Sveltis stone is. Their other two are kept in their bag, which is located on their hip and also carries a small knife, food, and clothes for sleeping in.

Religion: They are devoutly religious, and prescribe to the Krilaty religion.

Personality: Astrophel is a dependable ally to have, willing to help a friend no matter what the cost. They are a curious individual, though skeptical from being naive as a child and having many pranks pulled on them. Because of their doubtfulness they can be very indecisive. They also has a bad habit of blaming other people for their problems / not taking ownership of mistakes. Astrophel is hostile towards "outsiders" and reluctant to let them be part of their "group". They are always looking for possible threats and problems, some call them paranoid. They are passive aggressive.

Background: Balbius was their father's name and he was a farmer. Mom was an artist and they lived on the outskirts of Pavo, so Dad could keep farming and Mom could keep painting. Elddra, their mom, had two children, Astrophel and Anselm. Astrophel was the eldest, by a year. The children got their Krilaty heritage from their father and their elf from their mother. They were a middle class family and for the most part had a normal life. Passing travelers gave their family some strange looks and muttered about "the possible dangers" of "those children" but people in the town didn't treat them too differently. When Astrophel was fifteen their cousin was sent to stay with them, she was misbehaving badly and her parents thought some time away from the city would "straighten her out". Astrophel couldn't imagine what their cousin had done wrong, to them, Dramora was perfect. Astrophel started practicing as a mage shortly after Dramora came to live with them, on a "quest" of sorts to become less useless. Dramora was an excellent swordswoman. They moved out of their parent's home a week after they turned eighteen, moving into the center of Pavo. They took their cousin with them, of course. The two reside in a little apartment. Astrophel travels around a lot but always comes back home after a few weeks.


Dramora- Their cousin, Astrophel idolizes her and listens to just about everything she says. The two are as close as siblings.

Anselm- Their brother, the two got a long as normal siblings, with fights and good times. They stay in touch.

Elddra- Their mother, taught them the art of painting and got them involved in the arts. They're pretty close.

Balbius- Their father, impressed the value of hard work and perseverance on Astrophel. They bonded over their shared religion. They're slightly closer to Balbius than their mother.

Life motto: "There is no little enemy."

**Note: Astrophel uses xe/xem/xyr pronouns but for the purpose of making this more readable and accessible to people not familiar with nontraditional pronouns I have used singular they pronouns.


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